Berry Breakfast and Green Tea


Waking up to an empty stomach and gorging on pancakes sounds fabulous, but in reality it's not only bad, but counterproductive.  What you eat in a.m. not only dictates how you feel for the remainder of the day, but begins in a downward spiral.  I don't know about you, but whenever I start  my day with a donut or bagel the remainder of my day is ruined.  My day is spent stammering around in a fog, fighting off a headache and a bad state of mind.  Indulging in carbs once in a while is fine, but a morning routine, which consists of nutrient deficient carbohydrates is never a smart move.  

Give this berry breakfast a try and not only will you feel more energized and productive, but you'll lose weight and benefit from the amazing nutrients in berries and green tea.

If your always in a morning rush, prepare this the night before. Fill a mason jar with various berries, and refrigerate overnight. Buy a single serve infuser mug and leave it in the office with your sample tea packs.  My favorite Morning tea is the New Yorker & The Green Earl Grey