Our Story 

Ateaz is a Certified Organic Coffee and Tea boutique. We offer a rich experience of taste through our collection of unique flavors and service that brings the product to you at the peak of quality. We retail and wholesale our hand blend and custom craft of the world’s finest organic teas and coffees. Ateaz started with the vision to provide the freshest and finest quality of Organic Teas and Coffees. Therefore, our Teas are blended upon receiving your order and are carefully selected directly from growers, each one offering a unique story. Our Coffees are fresh roasted to provide our customers a rich experience in taste and quality.  At Ateaz we continually experiment with new blends, roasting profiles, and search potential coffee varieties to expand our offerings. We strive for perfection with every hand-crafted roast and only offer top grade, fresh roasted, gourmet coffee. At Ateaz our priority is to provide you with the best quality Organic Teas and Coffee with unique favor profiles that allows an exclusive experience with every cup. We take every relationship with our customers personal and please reach out to us with more inquiries. 

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