Organic Tea Is Better

Your normal variety tea is usually treated with various agricultural chemicals that are generally toxic to producers and the environment.  It’s a fact that many unregulated tea growers use raw sewage lines to irrigate crops, as well as the use of DDT as a pesticide.Tea farmers who prefer to grow organically understand that using chemical herbicides and pesticides are harmful to the tea compounds, our body and the planet. An organic certification demonstrates a farmer’s commitment to his crop. Securing an organic certification is costly, therefore only committed and passionate growers choose to attain an organic stamp.Organic teas are often chosen as a top contender in terms of overall taste, flavor and vigor. Tea connoisseurs can immediately identify any organic tea variety during a tea sampling. By United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards, legally organic soils must be free of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers for at least three years to be considered organic.