New York New York

"I ordered five different coffee samples hoping to find just the "right" cup for me but ALL of your coffees are so good that I can't decide which I like best. I guess I'll just have to suffer through continuing my search. Thanks for your great coffee and great service!!!"

Paul Sharkey
Jamestown, Tennessee

"We absolutely loved New York, New York; enjoyed Organic Velvet soul also. beans were so fresh; looking for your recommendation for decaf; what's your top seller? We will continue to order from you... Thanks!"

Susan Ferry
Buffalo, New York

"We made the mistake of purchasing one of those "pod" style coffee makers. Needless to say we were back to your New York New York blend (and our drip coffee maker) after three days. Those stale pods must have been pre-packaged months before. They can't begin to compare with your rich, fresh roasted blends! Keep doing what you're doing. (We will never stray again!)"

Jeannine Acker
Plymouth, Minnesota

"Very good coffee and good variety. Really like New York New York and Velvet Soul. I try others at every order, but these are our favorites."

Richard Waddle
Rogers, Arkansas

"the coffee is delicious! i had to cut to about half-caf, so i ordered regular and decaf in three kinds--New York, Sumatra, and Kenya AA. My favorite changes every time I have a cup!"

Michele Martin
Anmoore, West Virginia

"The New York New York blend is wonderful. It is a fabulously smooth brew with fantastic flavor. I can't wait to try the Tanzanian Peaberry. You have a permanent customer."

Thurston Harris
Aldan, Pennsylvania

"Best Coffee I have ever had..period. (New York New York)"

Rick Neidlinger
Wilson, Kansas

"I am a new account but so far really impressed with the delivering and the follow ups on your end. When I first opened the New York type coffee, you could see the oils still in the bean. Beautiful. The coffee today that most people purchase in a store, like you said had been sitting sometime from picking to actual retail. you never see any oils. So even though I a new customer, you got me hooked. The freshness of the product is some of the very best I had seen. I am a chef and very familiar with coffee products. Keep up the great customer service."

Richard Krayewsky
South Ryegate, Vermont

"I used to buy from you when I owned Brew Horizons in Rehoboth Beach, when it existed. Just wanted some New York New York for our personal use. It was great coffee and we enjoyed doing business with you. Hope all is well."

Deborah Schwartz.
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

"My son lives in the Cities, he recommended your wonderful coffee and gave us a gift certificate. We really enjoyed the New York New York in our first order and decided to stick with what we like, so here is another order. We appreciate the very fast service. Thanks."

Marilyn Anderson
Yankton, South Dakota

"Very good taste: New York, New York & Sumatra. I haven't tried any others, yet."

Glenda Noble
Waconia, Minnesota

"I love all your coffees. the aromas drive the delivery lady crazy. But I've had to switch to decaf. I enjoy the NY NY but am looking forward to your new decaf."

Bonnie Cole
Farmdale, Ohio

"I ordered the 14 oz size of New York-New York and Rockin' Java, as well as a sample of Espresso Italiano. So far, I've tried the New York and the Espresso -- both are great. I will definitely order again."

Melinda Boyd
Waterloo, Iowa

"Thanks for great deal on the free package of NYNY coffee! I am forwarding this message to at least 5 friends who also love a great cup of coffee. Thanks!!"

Michael Bohl
Castroville, Texas

"I am really enjoying the Smooth Jazz & the New York/NY. The Velvet Soul is a little light for my tastes. I seem to prefer the darker roasts but I'm relatively new to coffee drinking even though I'm 57 in a few days. I'll be trying other types as time goes on as I'm very curious to see what the differences are."

John Borella
Danielson, Connecticut

"The New York, New York is great!"

Spencer Lerum
Mayer, Minnesota

"I recently purchased (3) of your blended coffees, which is something I rarely do (i.e., prefer "single origin" coffees). I Started with the "Paradise" blend, and just finished the "New York" "New York" blend ... truly enjoyed both! "Velvet Soul " is next, and I hope it will yield the same results as the other two! I don't know if it's my Technivorm brewer that brings out the best in this coffee or, if it's the other way around ... either way, I win! I haven't tried a press pot yet, but that's next. Actually, I decided not to wait, and just placed my second order today ... trying three more blends. If they're as good as what I've had so far, I think you have a "new" customer!"

Dave Charvella
Rochester, New York

"new york, new york my favorite."

Richard Ludders
Flat Rock, North Carolina

"Good coffee & espresso goes hand in hand with a good espresso machine and I've found this combo with your NY/NY & authentico espresso beans and my new Gaggia machine.I've been brewing for 17 yrs & think I've reached perfection."

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"New burr grinder is working well. Enjoyed NY NY, now on to my favorite -- Paradise!"

Charlotte Sellers
Seymour, Indiana

"Neither the New York nor the Blue Mountain had any bite to it whatsoever and it was absolutely delicious. What causes the bite that shelf coffee causes, if you know?"

Linda Clark
Englewood, Florida

"The Guatemalan FT is an excellent anytime coffee. Also got the Rockin' Java and NY NY blends both of which are very good full bodied coffees but am partial to the Guatemalan. Keep up the good work. Thanks Brad."

Brad Whitehouse
Carnegie, Oklahoma

"I've served the New York New York decaf to guests several times recently and everyone comments on the fantastic flavor! The NYNY regular is one of my favorites as well. I can't wait to get up in the morning to grind and brew my first cup of the day!"

Mary Wroblewski
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"We LOVE your coffees!!! Please continue to do periodic sales on a favorite or 2 (like the NY NY right now)."

Ellen Green
Poulsbo, Washington

"Hi!, Though I'm no expert on the different Varieties of coffee I sure do know a GREAT cup of coffee and I have truly found THE PERFECT CUP!!!!! I have tried a few gourmet brands but never thought they were worth the cost of reordering....New York/New York is AWESOME!! I can't wait to try other varieties so I'M ordering again, within a week of receiving my first order, I would Hate to run out, no more mediocre coffee for me!!!! Thank you for a delightful experience and I sooooo look forward to my next shipment. Pam, in the beautiful mountains of N.C, LOVES your coffee!

Pam Sisk
Marion, North Carolina

"Thanks so much for answering all of my questions before I placed my order! What great customer service...and I was really excited that they were answered by the actual roast master. A definite first in my coffee ordering experience. I ordered the reg and decaf sample packs of Rock' N Java and New York New York since I'm a half caf drinker (I know, I know). I've had a hard time making great coffee at home but you've definitely won me over! Both were fantastic and I'll be placing another order soon."

Jan Bosch
Plymouth, Minnesota

"BEST" coffee I've had... i never was much on coffee cause of taste and bitterness... not anymore.. just can't wait to get up in the morning and enjoy my ny.ny."

Rod Cole
Tallahassee, Florida

"So far, NYNY and Smooth Jazz are outstanding in my opinion. The pure Columbian seems a bit mild mannered to me but good. Due to hurried and harried holidays, we have not tried the other two yet. Never had bags that were zip-lock as well as valved before... a big plus!!!"

Grant Gehlbach
Rock Hill, South Carolina

"Enjoying the New York New York immensely! Will order this again and look forward to trying new types in the future. Keep up the good work!!!"

Cheryl Loveless
Big Cabin, Oklahoma

"The flavor of the New York coffee was delicious."

Jack Schweizer
Lancaster, California

"I have ordered and sampled the New York New York. It is the best coffee I have ever had. I consider myself a coffee snob. I seek out the best all over Manhattan, where i work every day. I found the best New York coffee on the internet. Thanks."

K. W.
Nutley, New Jersey

"Your New York New York blend reminds me so much of my grandmothers egg coffee and I just love richness without the bitterness when you brew a strong cup of coffee."

Nancy Post
Andover, Minnesota

"OH HAPPY DAY! :~) Up my driveway comes big bags of NYNY. Excellent coffee! Such nice folks to do business with."

Andrew Parnell
Salyersville, Kentucky

"We really enjoy New York, New York! It's so smooth and not bitter compared to some of the "gourmet" coffees I've bought. Our friends have also really enjoyed it! Thanks for a GOOD coffee!"

Paula Soderquist
Chanhassen, Minnesota

"Ok, we're ruined! My husband and I go on vacation and all we can think is..."We can't wait to get home and have some good coffee!" Not only is this coffee outstanding in flavor but and exceptional value! The service is fast and my emails have always been responded to with a personal touch. We have tried several that were amazing but New York New York and the Panamanian are so far our favorites. The personalized labeling makes it so great for gifts. Thank you for making mornings something to look forward to and evenings with your fabulous decaf so satisfying!"

Deborah Rowden
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

"I was very impressed with the coffee and I will purchase regularly. Thanks for the unprecedented free offer, it really was more than a free sample. I had to buy a $38.00 gift sampler from another vender just to try a variety of theirs. The New York New York was the freshest coffee I've ever tasted, I can't wait to try others. Thanks again."

Jim Hedrick
Nashville, Arkansas

New York New York is an excellent blend just as you said it was. I am very pleased with your product. Have not tried samples of Rockin Java & Breakfast Blend yet--still hooked on New York. I will be ordering more soon. Thank you for your professional service. Very good service and sales departments!"

Daniel Alandar
Phoenix, Arizona

"Love the New York New York"

Rick Crandell
Bartonville, Illinois

"I am an avid coffee drinker and love waking up to a good cup of coffee. I have never tasted coffee any better than what is right here. It gives my day a truly fresh start and when I have company the rave reviews are overwhelming. I have tried the New York, New York and the Smooth Jazz. The New York is my favorite so far although I like the smooth jazz also. The service in delivery is awesome and super fast. I am 100% satisfied with this coffee and you now have a steady customer. Again, thanks so much!

Betty Enger
Yorkville, Illinois

"I just received my first shipment on Friday. I absolutely love the New York New York and the Smooth Jazz. You definitely have a new customer."

Cindy Patterson
Scottsdale, Arizona

"Thanks for the speedy delivery! This second batch of New York New York is just as delicious as the first pouch we bought at the Food & Wine Expo last month. The personal label is a nice touch, too. Your team has it all together!"

Jeannine Acker
Plymouth, Minnesota

"I bought a new Brahn coffee maker and bean grinder. A bit of trial an error in trying to achieve the right flavor/strength, however getting better. I would like to complement your coffee varieties. I purchased several types in 2oz to try. Purchased a 16oz of the NY-NY blend and really like it."

Danny Brooks
Albany, Georgia

"Thanks so much for answering all of my questions before I placed my order! What great customer service...and I was really excited that they were answered by the actual roast master. A definite first in my coffee ordering experience. I ordered the reg and decaf sample packs of Rock' N Java and New York New York since I'm a half caf drinker (I know, I know). I've had a hard time making great coffee at home but you've definitely won me over! Both were fantastic and I'll be placing another order soon."

Jan Bosch
Plymouth, Minnesota

"While the prompt response and ease of ordering are value features, the quality of the product supercedes all other aspects in my mind. The New York, New York type is very good, and I would definitely order it again. Our preference for our regular coffee is a strong, robust flavor just short of espresso (We travel in Europe, so we enjoy espresso also). Keep up the good work."

Carl Howard
Tucson, Arizona

"My husband LOVES the New York New York! I ordered the espresso and I can tell it is not bitter but I am still in the early stages of espresso making and just haven't quite got the knack yet. I think I check out the forum and see if I can get some suggestions. Delivery was fast and ordering was easy. Thank you!"

Laura Lutzow
Nampa, Idaho

"I am on limited caffeine intake and found that combining the New York reg. and the New York decaf. was an excellent blend that meets my needs!!! I will recommend your coffee to others in our rural area (we are limited in access to fresh coffee beans in this part of SW Virginia. Thanks."

ME Watts
Crockett, Virginia

"Been buying my blend in Hawaii and live in Iowa. I now will be buying my blend from Minnesota! I have 3 samples and tried one,,NYNY and I am already sold! What a wonderful roast, I have tried hundreds of blends/roasters and this is tops! Can't wait to try the other 2! Shipping is second to none and as fresh as if I roasted the beans myself. You have a new client!!"

Dallas Glassinger
West Des Moines, Iowa

"Loved my first order. Smooth Jazz and New York New York are both awesome. Fast shipping and fresh coffee beans. Thank you for delicious coffee each and every morning."

Shannon Booher
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"We have tried the New York and New York and love it! We have not opened the Sumatra yet I realize now that I ordered more than I should have, and will stagger them in the future to ensure the freshest beans. I was very impressed with ordering on your web site and the quick delivery. Thank you very much!”

Jennie Dinneen
Rochester, Minnesota

"We were not disappointed when we received our New York, New York. coffee beans. Glad we found your website and made the first order, it is excellent quality taste, packaging, service.

Mark Gardner
Colona, Illinois

"For Christmas I ordered 1lb of NY NY and 1lb of Velvet Soul as a gift for a relative and the opening of gift they were overjoyed! The next morning they made Velvet Soul and everyone who tried it loved it. Thanks for making the freshest and best tasting coffee around. Move over Caribou."

Matt Reeve
Waconia, Minnesota

"Your NY blend was excellent and both were very fresh. Delivery was quick."

Charles Burmaster
Briarcliff, New York

"Your New York blend coffee arrived by US mail just a few days after I ordered it. It smelled great and was nicely packaged. It makes a nice and smooth cup o joe and I am sipping it now as I type away. I especially liked the ability to choose between shippers. Thanks!"